Confidence provides the best security….Wear it always….

 I came across this interesting caption while driving “The best protection for a woman anywhere is her confidence”. Well, it does make lots of sense, in fact I will go a step ahead and add that confidence gives complete security. Security is not just related to physical security/ safety against attacks but also emotional and financial security.   It is not just true for woman but for anyone and everyone It is the confidence you carry which will see you through anywhere and everywhere. 


Restrictions do not provide security… 

Parents/ elders lay restrictions, like not moving out alone or not moving out late night, on girls to ensure security. My car driver, who comes from a small town, firmly endorsed this view. Some think that institution of marriage is the ultimate provider of security to a woman (The husband taking care of the physical, financial and emotional needs of the wife). This in view is an archaic thought process which will never allow the girls to grow. 

Let the girls be what they want to be… 

Instead of laying restrictions, we should aim making our girls strong, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and financially. They don’t have to start bee-lining to gymnasiums for building muscles; what is required is the ability to stand on their own feet under any circumstances. This will only come from good education and up-bringing. It is the mental strength, more than anything else, which will give them ability to face any adverse situation, physical or emotional. 

It is from the mental strength that the confidence flows, a belief that they are no less than anyone else. The self- belief so developed will help them in not just warding of nuisance creators or managing families but also face interviews and address board meetings with confidence. 


It’s all in the mind… 

Do not let the ‘looks’, the language you speak, the background you come from and the school/ college you been to, unduly worry you, make you unsure of yourself. The self- belief should flow from the values and the education you have. Its all in the mind. 

Do not be ever be overconfident… 

Physical ability also has its importance because at times you may be required to not just hit but also run fast to get out of an adverse situation. At times it is better to get out of a situation than to get stuck due to over confidence or foolishness. 



Let the girls grow, let them do what they love. Give them the confidence to carry around. 

Dedicated to all the women on this Independence Day. Be independent, be decisive, be proud, be confident. Have the confidence to live your life your way, do what you love. Have the confidence to provide to your daughters whatever you think you missed. Provide such values to your children that you can confidently say that they will do nothing wrong.

Author: krish

I am Krish ..... I believe that Life is beyond routine..... Having spent good part of my last 30 years of life in Human resource and material management , I am here to share my experience and gain from others...... My aim in life is just to be 'Me ' ...and be happy always...

7 thoughts on “Confidence provides the best security….Wear it always….”

  1. I appreciated the article. As a father of two daughters, it is difficult to teach the fine line between enough confidence and overconfidence. I have only been able to give examples of each side of that line. It is up to them to feel it out the rest of the way.

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  2. This article is so useful for me personally because I always struggle and cope with low confidence. Thanks for sharing this, we must work on ourselves constantly.

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  3. We should never limit our children nor am I hard core pusher. I believe if you start you finish. Let the kiss try what ever they want. Then leave it up to them. Great post!

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