Success….Write your own story….

People have no patience, always impatient to get results, do not want to through the paces of decision making and making a choice. Everyone wants to taste success but most do not want to go through the paces required to reach the destination. They look for shortcuts or manipulations in the desire to get the results at the earliest. There are students who want to get maximum marks without studying and understanding the concepts from the prescribed books (they prefer to cram up the answers from the guide books available off the shelf) while there are others who want to achieve success by just being in the good books of teachers. 

Cut, Copy, Paste attitude leads to mediocrity…. 

Same attitude continues in the professional life. Most want to hit the top without putting in the required effort. They rightfully identify some successful people from their respective field as their role models but fail to read their detailed story from the start to where they have reached now. There are people who want to just cut, copy, paste somebody else’s success story in their own story line or just desire to succeed by tagging their role model in their own story. We all understand it cannot happen that way, so easily, but still take that route and fail miserably or remain contented with mediocrity. 

Unfortunately, mediocrity succeeds to a large extent in schools and some professions (up to some levels) because success is largely measured in terms of numbers; the marks one got, the output one gave or the salary one gets. The route taken to get those marks or give the output is hardly ever taken into consideration. Such students/ professionals finally fail or just remain mediocre because they hardly ever make any attempt to build up their knowledge base or sharpen the skills. 

Direction of effort matters more than the Time…. 

The efforts put in the initial years, whether in school or in profession, forms the base which provides the launch pad for success. More the time spent in what you love (certainly a bit more than with whom you love) better are the chances of success. It’s not just the time but the quality of effort which also definitely matters. When one is young and bubbling with energy, he/ she can run for long and cover long distance but what matters is running in the right direction. Success depends more on the direction of the effort than the time for which you work. This is where the role models, teachers and coaches play their part. A good coach will help you identify the shortcomings and guide you to finding better ways of doing things. Lesser you sleep more time you get to spend on your passion (Do balance out the sleep-work profile…do not sleep too much nor end up burning yourself). Everyone has his own definition of success and everyone has to chart his/ her own path to it.