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India is a country of many festivals. We love to celebrate and the entire calendar is dotted with various festivals nearly equally spaced out through the year. Holi and Deepawali are two of the major festivals celebrated across the country with great fervour. What makes these two festivals different from others are the colors (Holi) and the lights (Deepawali). Actually, it is the color which adds to the beauty of these two special days; the colours used in Holi and the colorful lights of Deepawali.


Colors make life worth living

If you observe a child of any caste, creed, region what attracts him most and brings smile on his face are the bright colors and the sparkling lights. The child looks best in the brightest of colors. In fact, it’s not just about a child, I am yet to come across someone who doesn’t stop at the sight of a rainbow or fireworks to enjoy and appreciate. The colorful and bright opening and closing ceremonies of great sporting and other events always leave a lasting impression. Has everyone ever come across a black and white ceremony of any event? Colors bring smile on faces, are a symbol of happiness and liveliness. Don’t we all agree with that?

But as we grow, somehow the blacks, whites and light shades start replacing the colors. Even the school uniforms are mostly whites and black/ blue/ grey. The walls around, specially inside homes and offices are generally whites or shades of cream. There are people who have started opposing the colors of Holi and the lights of Deepawali. I agree one has to be careful about infections/ accidents/ pollution but that doesn’t mean we cut out colors from life. There are other ways to control pollution and avoid infections. Flowering trees and plants which earlier lined the streets have been slowly replaced by cement tiles. I know it’s not easy to maintain a tree/ plant but then a small effort will go a long way in adding color to life.

Live for yourself….certainly not for your boss

Restrictions are being imposed on even laughter, the best symbol/ indication of liveliness and life as such. Juniors, generally cannot laugh loud in the presence of seniors, specially the boss, unless the boss has himself cracked a joke (doesn’t matter even if it is the sickest of all). Laughter indicates happiness and the happy employees produce the best results. Colors energize the mind and sets the imagination soaring. We all know it then why don’t we encourage it?

My wife added colour to my life….

My life was also about whites, creams, blues and blacks till I got married and my wife made me realise the meaning of colors in life, the true laughter came back. I remember, when first time, deviating from the standard, I replaced the cream shade of walls in the office with brighter colors and added colorful paintings and flowers, how eyebrows were raised. But I had decided to color my life in my own colors (maybe in the colors my wife recommended, (he, he, he), and paid no heed; all criticism naturally died down and life became cool.


Bring in the change…start living….

It is high time we changed and got colour and the laughter back in our lives. Gave the people freedom to express, gave them reason and time to enjoy life, to live life. Do not snatch the colours away from the young child at the school stage itself. Do not overburden the child with loads of the books and notebooks. The life of the child gets restricted to just two colours, blue and black, the colours of the ink flowing from his pen. Let the child enjoy the colours. Let him colour his life in the colours he loves, let him create his own Rainbow.



  1. I am permitted to open a debate?😀
    With u …I think I can..
    Personally I like bright colors..and i think that is a personal choice and may be connected to personality…but many of my friends like light shades and very few colors…can they change their likings?

    1. Yes Abhijeet everyone has a choice…my point is that as a child we all liked colours but as you grow your are systematically guided away from them..through school and our office cultures..

    2. Yes Abhijeet everyone has a right to choice…my point is not about light or dark colours it’s about colours or se…as a child we all love colours but as you grow you are systematically guided away from colours through our school culture…moreover here colours symbolises liveliness…..we have got so busy running after careers that we have forgotten life..

  2. I admire your optimism. I enjoy the little things I learn of India from your words, all but the one so far, that of laughter control. As a, um, senior now, I suppose, I prefer the sound of laughter over tears or bickering amongst the juniors.

  3. Wearing all the time same black and white is at times compulsory due to profession in which we are but then life without colors is dull and boring. Lots of colors adds to more bright mood. Imagine a party where u have to wear only white and nothing colorful visa vis a party with all the colors thrown in it.

    1. You are right Billi..
      Colours add to liveliness rather reflect life ..
      Yes everyone have their own choice and it times the choice is due to compulsion…but breaking away from compulsion once in a while should be a welcome change….
      God bless you

      1. Yes i agree here with you
        But sometimes circumstances are such that people are forced to wear dull or light shades like widows, their relatives are specifically against them being all colorful. Its mindset that needs to be changed to bring that colors in life

      2. Yes Billi…mindsets have to be changed..not easy at all…rather will take years….but then for that the person has to be independent…as long as one is dependent the other person will dictate terms…. education is the key to independence..

  4. A Very Colourful article. Thought provoking, Simple , Logical and easily do-able ie workable yet we miss it out almost everyday.

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