Develop a good hobby….Keep sane all your life….

 Wikipedia defines hobby as a regular activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own time. Hobbyists engage in five broad types of activity: collectingmaking and tinkering (like embroidery), activity participation (like fishing and singing), sports and games, and liberal-arts hobbies (like languages, cuisine, literature). 

I am a firm believer that hobby plays a very important part in the overall growth of an individual. It improves creativity, imagination and ensures optimal utilisation of time. Whenever I get a chance to meet students, I do inquire about their hobbies and am not surprised at the answers I get. A majority of them don’t go beyond reading, listening to music or playing some game (that too not very regularly). Well, though reading is a good habit, but, for students it’s a necessity and won’t certainly qualify to be a hobby in real sense. Listening to music is no more than a time pass, though it does relax the mind. 

Hobby is one thing which has suffered the most in the modern competitive world. Kids hardly have any time for themselves after the school and the tutorials. Whatever little time children get after attending the school and tutorials is generally spent on mobile phones, interacting on social networking sites (SNS) or watching TV. I must admit that many kids do pick up good hobbies in the junior classes and really love it but as they get into the senior classes, academics get the better of everything else. The pressure to perform in exams leaves them with very little or no other choice. Study and study becomes the routine. Parents and teachers also play a major role in pushing the children away from hobbies. 

What is the importance of hobby? How does it help? Hobby is certainly an activity the person indulging in, loves doing. Anything you love doing, gives happiness, relaxes the body and mind. What can be better than being happy? When after a long day, the child indulges in his hobby it certainly takes his mind away from the routine stress and help in refreshing the mind. Hobby gives the child a well-deserved quality break from the stressful daily routine they undergo. Same holds true for the adult; after a long day in office, hobby will certainly help in relaxing. 

Anyone with a good creative hobby will never be lonely in life. Whenever he/ she is alone the hobby gives the much-required company preventing the mind from unnecessarily wandering away. Hobby will certainly cut down the time a person may spent online, just scrolling. 

Hobbies like music and singing may also help build a good social reputation and some do end up using a hobby/ talent for scoring brownie points. There is nothing wrong in it as long as the professional work is not suffering, anyway the seniors are there to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

A hobby may also become an additional source of income or even the main source of income if the person develops the required proficiency. 

An individual may not realise the importance of a hobby as a student or in the youth when he is too busy studying or making his career but as one crosses the forties and the time on hand gradually increases, need of a good hobby is certainly felt. There are people who start/ restart living their passion in the fifties indulging in music, singing, travelling, playing. But it would certainly help if the basics have been learnt as a child then refreshing later becomes that much easier. Starting something from scratch in the late years of life is not very easy. It is so true in my case; I started writing blogs after crossing the fifty years mark. But I can assure you, it’s good fun; keeps the brain going and keeps me going. 

Hobby is a must for every child. Pick up whatever you love or whatever catches your imagination. A good creative hobby will stand by you all your life and won’t certainly allow you to go insane.