Got to have a Goal to score a Goal…..

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Just dreaming and imagining is not enough to be a  winner, you will only win if you decide to win, if winning is your ultimate goal. Most go wrong in selection of the aim, the goal. I have come across many young players for whom representing their state or the country is the ultimate aim. But is that enough? You got to play to win, the ultimate aim being to win for the country/ team. 

Failing is not a problem, the main problem is in setting the aim low and achieving it. The best will only come out if the competition is tough, if the benchmark set is high. There are students who do so well in the school, always standing in the top few in the class but fail miserably as they enter the competitive world. The fault is not with the, the fault lies with the school, in the environment in which they studied, which did not encourage competition or did not generate competition, leading to complacency. Same is true for players who always stand first at the district and state level because of lack of competition and fail on the bigger stage as the competition gets tough. 

Another common flaw in goal setting is that most of us aim to stay just ahead of others, to stay ahead of the available competition. Whenever, a stronger challenge comes from outside the prevalent environment we find it difficult to match. The aim in life should be to do our best and not just rest at doing better than others. As a student the aim should be to get the maximum marks which are on offer and not just to perform better than other students. Moment you change the narrative, start competing with yourself, there is no undue stress, you will stop bothering about outside competition. “It’s like shooting, there is no one between you and the target, no obstructions or diversions, the result you achieve is the combined outcome of your practice and mental robustness”. 

Another problem is that some of us set the aim so high that we may end up spending our complete life in trying to achieve it and still fail to reach the destination. Aim high, but divide your goals into short, medium and long term and systematically work to achieve them. Celebrate every achievement, live every moment of life. 

A majority of us actually have no or very low aim, just try to fit into whatever is available. We refuse to leave our comfort zones, take risks. If you don’t try you will not know whether you can achieve it or not. “Why try to fit in when you have the ability to stand out, give it a try, don’t give up so easily”. 

“Just selection of aim is not enough, the difficult part is maintaining the aim till it is achieved, most waver enroute”

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