What is your net worth???

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I felt a bit of irritation in my left eye last Saturday and attributed it to maybe a dust particle, however, by Sunday morning the irritation had turned into a real pain and the complete eye had turned red. 

A visit to the doctor revealed swelling in the tissue which required a treatment for about a week to recover fully, during which the vision also remained a bit blurred. 

This is how life goes on, so unpredictable, you are fit and healthy one day and within next 24 hours you may be diagnosed with the worst of the disease or meet with an unfortunate accident. As long as you are fit and healthy you can achieve anything, you are worth your weight in Gold, as it is said. You can do whatever you want, work 24 X 7 and earn as much as you want. You may feel that the entire world is at your feet or eating out of your hands. But, God forbid, the day you are diagnosed with any serious disease or meet with a serious accident, the whole world comes crashing down. You feel helpless, all your wealth is worth nothing if you can’t be cured. 

It’s health which matters most and also neglected the most. In the pursuit of our dreams and most of the time in sheer quest of making money we neglect health, no physical workouts, improper diet plan. By the time you realise it may be too late. Whatever aim you have in life, remember it can be seldom achieved without the support of good health. Take care of the health, not just physical but mental health too. Take regular breaks to unwind and rejuvenate. Jog, walk, join a gymnasium or swim, do whatever you can, it will matter in the long run. 

“Your true net worth cannot be measured by your wealth or property, it is actually reflected by your health. If you are not healthy, money doesn’t matter, if you are healthy no one can stop you from achieving whatever you have set your mind on”













  1. Ego, greed, loss of all kinds, these things seem to me what makes life the most difficult with which to cope and overcome. Love, with it’s joys, humans with a patient and empathic heart, and the beauty of the Earth & animals, these things seem to me the most valuable with which to consider a life with them well-lived. I so enjoy your words. You are correct. If we don’t have health, mental or physical, enjoyable moments are encompassed more noticeably with dukkha.

    1. Thank you Dawn for taking the time out and reading my blog. You are right health, mental and physical, is most important to enjoy life….Have a lovely day.

  2. It’s true that health plays a vital role in surviving in this world.I mean both the physical and mental health.Many of us are busy running behind wealth,achieving dreams where the health taking a back seat.Are we sacrificing our well being for achieving materialistic things. So it’s important to concentrate on our health as much as possible.

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