Let not fear of failure dictate the choice you make….

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I was interacting with some 12th Grade students a few days back on the reasons for the subjects they had chosen to pursue. Most of those from humanities had surprisingly opted for their subjects not because they loved them or were passionate about. One of the main reason for opting for the humanities stream was their fear of the science subjects specially Mathematics and Physics/ Chemistry. It is not that they were very good in the subjects they had chosen to pursue but they were confident that at least they will be able to pass. Most of them had barely managed to pass in the science / maths in their junior classes. 

The main reason these students fear Maths or science is that from the initial years in school the teachers & parents failed to guide them or instill confidence in them, forcing them to opt for the seemingly easier option of humanities. The sole aim is to pass. There is hardly any grooming and counselling carried out in junior classes. The students don’t have a clear vision, don’t know their purpose/ passion or what they want to achieve in life. The complete meaning of education is being lost inside the four walls of the school. Education is supposed to prepare the child for life but in actual he is getting lost in the schools in the maze of marks which leaves him confused and dazed. Teachers and parents have to help the child in finding his/her passion and support him/ her in following it. The child has to be empowered to make his own decision. 

The trend, of taking the easier option, continues with most people throughout the life. Even while selecting the profession the desire of getting a job at the earliest and finances generally rule over all other factors. The fear of remaining jobless for long plays heavily on the young minds and force them to hang on to whatever they get. Most people take the first available job and avoid taking risks. They may not like the work atmosphere, get no professional satisfaction, but still carry on because of various pressures. 

Even marriages, in Indian context, are at times forced upon the children by the parents. This trend is more prominent in cases of girls whom parents desire to marry off at the earliest possible opportunity. No one wants the child to stay unmarried for long. Parents are more worried about the society than about the future of the child. 

How can one excel in life when most choices made are results of fear? Choices have to be made based on passion and love then only satisfaction will be achieved. The triad of student, parent and child has to work in unison to help child find his passion, his purpose. Then alone the child will be make the correct choices in life and achieve satisfaction.











  1. So true. Fear holds much more over us than we would like. I’ve done it. Taken the easier option, rather than take the bigger risk. That fear of failure can be difficult to overcome. But it can be.

  2. Tell me about it! I have done everything I can to inspire my daughter to pursue passion over perfection. So important!

  3. So true. Most of the times, we opt to take an easier path because we’re afraid to fail. I hope I can be more courageous.

  4. Very inspirational article… Don’t let your fear to push you back. Thanks for sharing…

  5. A life lived in fear is a life half lived. I think I heard this quote somewhere from a movie and I highly agree. Thanks for always sharing great inspirational posts Krish. Bless you.

  6. great inspirational blog post! you can’t live your life in fear thats for sure. Also you’re right us parents need to install more confidence in our children.

  7. Finding one’s true passion is already difficult……then parents would intervene and force what they thought could be practical and useful in the long run……that could be worse then as decisions are in the sphere of fear…..

  8. Many experiences I have geard from people, talks and articles; I find that it is true, – “Fear really is the enemy of progress” . It hinders individual progress as well as progress of a society causing damaging insecurity. How about a campaign to kill this fears within e.g. train our brains to eradicate it. Starting with the young who learn so much quicker

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