When should you quit??

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Never give up, Never say die, Never quit; the favourite quotes of the proponents of positivism, the motivators form the basis of majority of the messages forwarded around, without much thought, on Social network sites/ WhatsApp since early morning. 

Yes, Never ever give up on your dream because of the fear of failure, because you imagine yourself becoming a laughing stock if you fail or because you think you will never be able to manage the finances but there will be situations when you will have to take a call to change tracks in life and ‘move on’. 

When should you quit? What can force you to quit? There are situations when you get bored with your profession, when you think you are not getting enough; enough money, enough time for yourself. Are these good enough reasons to quit? Money one can earn any amount but what matters most is satisfaction, happiness. Is the job giving you inner satisfaction? 

Are there enough growth opportunities in what you are doing? The most compelling reason for one to quit any job is lack of growth incentives on offer. The time you feel you have started to stagnate, there is no mental growth, no learning, you are bound to get bored and performance is bound to be adversely affected. This is the time to quit, time to change path. “The ultimate aim being happiness, the time you stop enjoying the journey, it is time to change the route and/ or the means of travel”. 

When there are no growth avenues, your juniors start overtaking you, frustration is bound to set in. This will not only affect your personal life but also lives of your family members. Do not force yourself to continue and in the process keep slipping down the ladder. It is time to analyse, take deliberate stock of the situation and take a call. 

The indications start coming very early, in any field, of stagnation likely to set in. One should be wise enough to read these indications, take the hint and start planning a change. Yes, continuous monetary flow may get disrupted for sometime till you settle down somewhere else, but if you have prepared well, you don’t have to worry much. Keep your spouse/ parents informed and prepare them for the likely hardships they might face as you start your struggle all over again. If you explain, they will certainly understand. 

“Trust your skills, trust your instincts, control your emotions, take your chances…. No use trying to give your best at a place where you are not wanted”


  1. Thank you for visiting Pencliff. I msu say that your good advice instils motivation and goodwill to continue to strive for our goals. Thanks, will follow your blog and await your further posts.

  2. Thanks for the awesome advice. I have left many things that I thought would not serve my purpose in life. Sometimes, it’s better to let go than hold on.

  3. I always try to keep going. Mistakes usually teach me lessons. But sometimes there is a time where you should move on if it’s just not working out.

  4. This is a great read, I think there definitely are times when we do need to quit, when we need to walk away from things but we need to do it for the right reasons.

  5. Sometimes I really feel like quiting and I have always think of a way to stop thinking that. This post has again encourage me. “Trust your skills, trust your instincts, control your emotions, take your chances!” I shall keep that in mind. Thanks.

  6. I never give up on my dreams. I never quit. I never give up. I put all my efforts to achieve my goals. That’s a great read. Love your blog. Looking forward for more blogs

  7. They often say not to quit, but I personally do not regret any of the times I have quit, it simply means there is something better waiting for me out there.

  8. I don’t think quitting is every the right way to go about things. You just have to take a look at things and come at it from a different angle. And then try again. But never just give up.

  9. I think you’ll know when it is time to quit. Not just based on emotions but with something greater. I do believe in intuition too.

  10. I hate the word quit so maybe change directions. With career jobs it can be iffy because its not if you love your job but people make decision to keep pursuing their dreams if they are making enough money but I hope some people can stay persistent or maybe vear in another direction.

  11. There is definitely a time to know your limits of when it is time to stop something if it is not working out. I have learned this along the way for sure.

  12. This is really great advice! I agree that you shouldn’t just give up on things, and to giv eit time. However, when it is no longer helping you grow as a person perhaps it is time to move on. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Good morning Sir…
    Well said mistakes always improves u as better person.


  14. Very well said. Although it pertains to change rather than quit. Sometimes it may happen that the job profile doesnt give one the satisfaction, but in a tenure based job, one can find the required change in the next assignment. However, if one us actually not able to accept juniors getting ahead, then it is better to call it a day rather than working with grudges against the system or accept the reality and do the best possible leaving the rest for the system to take care. Being grateful for what one has achieved can be a source of peaceful mind.

  15. Thanks Sir. Totally agree with your views and I’m sure will be benefitted. With regards 😊🙏

  16. To quit or not to quit. Well this question has been haunting me past 3 yrs but I have held on counting on my blessings and the contribution one can make to an organisation or the society. While professional does play a major role in your personal life but somehow I have found peace with the situation and circumstances and learn to live with it. Lastly…..once again a very motivating and thought provoking article. It’s good to read such words of wisdom time and again which shake up your thoughts process and force you to ponder over the most basic question …..”What Do You Want From Your Life “.

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