Life is fun when husband and wife are best of friends…..

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I am a firm believer that friendship provides a sound base to any relationship. During our journey of life, we meet numerous people, most remain acquaintances, very few actually manage to make place in your heart. Same is true of our own ability of making a place in anyone’s heart.  

Siblings are the first friends we get and then are the parents (Not everyone is lucky to have parents who act as friends). As we move on classmates, neighbours, colleagues join the list of friends and then is the long list of friends on social networks. Whatever, relation you share with anyone, you will only share your personal problems/ thoughts only if you consider him/ her your true friend. Your list of acquaintances may be very long but when you start looking for a shoulder to cry the list shrinks to just one or two people. 

Friendship is based on trust, understanding, love and mutual respect. 

Is your spouse on the list of your close friends? Is she/ he your bestie? Won’t you like someone you have chosen to spend your life with, to be your best friend? Not everyone is lucky to marry his/ her best friend but once married the relationship will foster well if friendship develops. There should never be formalities between husband and wife. If the communication between spouses is not frank and open than the relationship is going down the hill. The relationship husband and wife share has a direct effect on the children. Children growing in friendly atmosphere will always imbibe better values. The child will approach any of the parent with an open mind whenever he is in a problem. Friends will always sort out their differences through conversation. They understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses which help in resolving any issue. The earliest you develop friendship with your spouse the better it will be for married life. No one can match the support that your spouse can give you selflessly. 

“The main reason for developing strain in any relation (specially marriage) is never lack of love, it is generally lack of friendship”




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