Life online….fun and pressures of being a blogger….


Internet is loaded with options to explore, experiment, live dreams, earn, get famous (or infamous). Whatever be your profession or way of life internet has space for everyone and some have made internet their profession. 

There are bloggers, critiques of all age groups and different genres who have used the internet platform to live their passion, realise their dreams. Everyday new bloggers are joining in with the aim of making it big. But getting famous on internet is as difficult as it is in real life. It takes lot of hard work, patience and creativity to strike the right chord with the readers. Getting followers may not be very difficult, but getting the right appreciations and responses is not that easy. To make the right impact one has to be in touch be reality and be innovative. One has to have the right combination of heart and mind. 

Getting famous on internet is all dependent on the conduct, character, content, connect, understanding and gratitude. 

Internet gives the option to criticise anyone without exposing own identity and many misuse it, writing whatever they feel without actually worrying about the implications and the effect the writings may have on the person being targeted. This may give short term fame but certainly in long term will not last. Conduct and character will go a long way in establishing credibility and build a real following. 

Readers look for innovation and creativity. Once you are established, expectations are high and it is not easy to produce fresh content on everyday basis. Pressure is always high to post new content on regular interval, in fact at times daily. If expectations are not met criticism follows, which is so easy to carry out and not so easy to handle. Expectation of every follower cannot be met anyways all the time. Continuous touch with the subject and regular research is required to produce fresh content. 

The blogger has to not only understand the need of the blogger but also the behaviour pattern of the follower. A day of high appreciation may be followed by days of ‘No likes’. Before posting any content, take time to analyse if it can hurt someone. At times what you can embarrass you only. Aim should be more to create relationship with readers than to just get famous. Learn to empathise. 

Never forget to express gratitude to the followers/ readers, they make or mar your reputation as a blogger. Be thankful for, both, appreciation and criticism. 

Do not allow the abundance of appreciation get to your head, remain firmly grounded to reality. 

“It is the content and character which will take you long in the pursuit of happiness online…..Be different, be humble….”