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21st June, the longest day of the year, was declared as the International Day of Yoga in 2015.Yoga, originally meaning ‘union’ in Sanskrit has been practiced in the India and the countries around since times immemorial. However, it’s only a few years back that it proliferated common households in India. 

True to its name, Yoga is best done in groups. It brings people together. Yoga is truly a symbol of unity in diversity, doesn’t matter what caste, creed, colour, religion, race or region you belong to you can perform yoga. 

Yoga is not just about unity, its about health and fitness. Fitness of mind, body and cleansing of thoughts. Once you are out early in the morning, performing Yoga, the exposure to the fresh air, the pollution free environment and the exercise per se you undergo not just helps in improvement of physique but also empowers you with a healthy mind. Empowers you to think ahead, to think through. Yoga is a complete package for self-improvement. 

Yoga will help you realise your true potential. If you ask people of any age group, to name one thing/ task they find most difficult to do in the day, a majority will certainly say, it’s getting out of the bed, early morning. Once you have achieved that rest all falls in place. Therefore, anyone who is into Yoga has already overcome this problem of getting up early in the morning and after the physical routine of yoga exercises is mentally and physically fit to take on the world. 

“Yoga does not just add years to your life it adds life to your years”. It symbolises addition for happiness. Happiness is in being together, in sharing and caring. 

You improve by adding happiness, spreading happiness, adding knowledge, adding relationships/ friends. 

“Do Yoga….Enrich your body and mind….Detoxify…Empower yourself”

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