Whose permission are you waiting for????….Move out of the shadow to excel….

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All parents desire an obedient child. There is nothing wrong in a child being obedient. There has to be some discipline in life, majority of the parents take it too far and desire that the child should blindly follow all orders; submissive to authority. Most parents desire that the child should seek their permission/ approval before taking any step. This may be correct to an extent in the initial years of life when the child is just learning and may not have the ability to make his own decisions. 

This desire is one of the main reason contributing to the children not achieving their set goals in future. The child gets so used to seeking permissions / approvals that even after his own professional/ business carrier the habit refuses to leave him/ her. He looks around for approvals from parents / seniors / colleagues / spouse before starting something new. This is what leads to failure as maybe he is trying to do something which actually is not his preference/ choice; he is got into it because he is incapable of making his own decisions or mentally too weak to say No to others. 

Learn to make your decisions. It’s your life, you know what’s best for you. You don’t have to take permissions from others. Yes, keep your parents/ partner informed, seek their inputs where needed, discuss with them but final decision has to be yours. Make your own decisions, be your own boss. If you can’t be even your own boss then you certainly can’t lead others. 

“Move out of the shadow…..If you want to grow in life…”


  1. So true! We operate from a place of behavior patterns our parents have showed us, as I always say – you have to love children, it is the first and main thing, not just towards kids. Kids are humans just small ones, they deserve to be treated with kindness, I can never understand people who treat their children as slaves and give them orders:( The thing is that many parents just repeat the same thing their parents taught to them so it’s a chain, generation to generation. These things follow us through life and only stronger individuals understand that you can live your life the way you want and that with gentle touch you can still teach others, not becoming rude and disrespectful. I don’t have kids, but I have nephews and niece and I get along with kids well at all, you can’t let them do anything while they are learning, but there is always a kind and loving way how to treat these little individuals who will teach this to the next generations:)

    1. That’s right …..the kids have to be coached…empowered to find their own answers….but unfortunately most parents believe in tutoring…
      Stay blessed..

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