You can consider yourself successful only when you own your Time…….

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Everyone is here to succeed in his / her chosen field but it’s also true that most are not happy with the way their life is progressing. Some are in too much of a hurry to succeed while others are a bit too lazy. Everything you want in life has a price tag attached to it. This price tag may not be in just terms of money but mostly in terms of time and effort. 

To succeed, first step is to identify your purpose in life, what your heart and mind is into and follow it with passion. Have a clear vision, a well laid out step by step approach to your goal. Most of us waste our time trying to achieve perfection in a field selected by somebody else for us (generally our parents). 

You will certainly not be perfect in all fields (finance, human resource, material management and others) hence take assistance, hire people if you can. Understand the needs of the people who work for you, empathise. 

There is no alternative to hard work. Put in those extra hours and keep your work force motivated to give in their best. 

You have to have your own definition of success. Some may measure it in terms of money or property they build up, the respect they get, the important appointments/ positions they rise to. You may rise to any position, own anything, but if you don’t own your time then owning everything else doesn’t matter much. 

“Ultimate success lies in owning your time….having the freedom to use your time your way”

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