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Summer is at its peak and with each passing day the number of people walking on the roads or in the gardens is ever increasing. There is an increased awareness of the negative effects of being overweight in the general public thanks to the numerous social networking sites. Messages regarding ill effects of being overweight are being bombarded through social sites day and night. It’s not just the roads and parks which have seen the increased footfall, even the local gyms, irrespective of availability of trainers and type of equipment, have seen a spurt in enrolment. Everyone seems to be just interested in getting into good shape. But do they actually achieve the aim they start with? 

The main motivating factor, leading the general population to gyms and parks, is apparently the desire to lose weight / have a great fit body. People make resolutions to lose weight and start with a great josh but most of them are not able to maintain the momentum beyond the first week. The effort of getting up early in the morning, putting in extra hours on the road or in the gym and the advised diet control becomes too much to handle. People want to lose weight but without much effort and some fall in the trap of medicines, claiming to reduce weight within months, available off the shelf. By the time they realise these medicines have no positive effect, the financial damage has been done. 

The motivation (desire to lose weight) doesn’t seem to be working in most cases. Then what’s the ans? Me and my wife have been regularly going for our morning walks since last many years. It’s a set routine of nearly 90 mins of walk (approximately 6.5 kms). People do ask us the motivation behind the daily long walks. I have got nothing to lose (not the weight for sure). We get up early in the morning and walk the 6 kms plus as it makes us feel good. Yes, daily view of the sunrise, the feel of the lovely cool breeze, the sight of the peacocks and other birds, the beautiful greenery, all add up to make our walk a wonderful experience which we will never want to miss. We walk to experience the beauty and as a side effect it helps us to remain fit, to an extent. 

The issue is of Motivation vs Inspiration. Majority of the people are being forced by the desire to lose weight or remain fit, to take up morning walks or join a gym. This motivation is not strong enough to help them sustain their resolution. What is required is Inspiration and not motivation. The feel-good factor is missing in most cases. You should love the walk or exercising in the gym. This love / feel good factor will help you persist and sustain with your daily walks / workouts. It’s quite simple “Love what you do; Do what you love”. When you are being forced out of bed and made to walk / workout in the gym, the love is missing. 

“Love what you do …. love will help you face the failures ….help you persevere, persist and finally succeed…” 

“ Be Inspired ( Self – actualization)….Do not wait for a push (motivation ) which may land you at a place you never wanted (You have no control over the push)”









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