Love for an activity is the biggest source of inspiration for excelling….Follow your heart….

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Stress is an intrinsic part of our lives . A child is under pressure to perform in exams ,passion on stage and at times in sports competitions. Once the school exams are over there is tension of clearing the competitive exams / getting enrolled in a renowned college and thereafter the search for a good job starts.  

All children , irrespective of the background they come from, have dreams . However unfortunately most of them give up on their dreams as they go through the paces of life or as some would like to say , they come face to face with realities of life. This is actually far from truth. The reality is that the parents / elders start guiding the child towards a profession since early years of life. Majority of the parents’ desire that their children get a secure and safe job, they are not open to risks. Fear of failure gets ingrained deep in the young minds and he / she finds it very difficult to shake it off and the dream remains a dream. 

The young men / women, in most cases, grab the first job on offer. The option of waiting and trying for something better or following the passion is not exercised under pressure. The pressure may be of elders, peers or the responsibilities. The child gives up on his / her passion and forces himself to do something he is not comfortable doing. If you look around, you will find that majority of the professionals are not satisfied with their job profiles and if given an option would love to do something else but can’t do it because of varied pressures, specially perceived family responsibilities.

 Parents and children have to equally share the blame for the situation the child normally gets into because of hurry to get a job and gives up his passion. A child is so busy with books and studies till he graduates that he may not be in a position, at the tender age of 21 / 22 years, to decide what he/ she actually wants to do . The problem is more accentuated in society like ours where the child is hardly given the liberty to make his own decisions, which are more or less imposed by the elders. The young adult requires time to realise his purpose and the right passion. He has to go through a period of trials to realise true love / passion. The period may range from four to five years to more of experimenting with different jobs / business. At the young age of 22 to 25 the ability to take risks is at peak. You have the right energy to work overtime, put in that extra bit. Most don’t have responsibilities of family. Even if the responsibilities are there, then have a job to meet that need and put in the extra effort to follow your passion. Invest your time and effort well. 

The young men / women should understand that earlier they take control of their lives the better it will be for them. Take suggestions / listen to advises but make your own decision. The passion or love for a job/ activity itself is the biggest source of inspiration to excel. The love will help persevere / persist against odds”. So it’s better to attempt something you love then to try and fit into something that doesn’t suit you, you don’t have the aptitude for.


“Life is not about survival…’s about living and living well….

Life is not about being rich ….it’s about being happy ….being satisfied…”

“Live your passion”




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