Write your own Destiny….


It was the month of Nov in the year 1993. I was to travel from my home town to New Delhi , by train. Those days my home town Mhow ( India) used to be connected only by a Metre Gauge( MG ) Rail track year and one had to travel to Indore, nearest Railway station having Broad Gauge rail connection by a MG train, to travel to most other parts in India . It was a journey of just about 45 minutes by a passenger train from Mhow to Indore. There were two trains from Indore to New Delhi, departing at 3 pm and 5.15 pm respectively, every evening. I was to board the Express train, from Indore, leaving at 3 pm. A passenger train leaving at 1.45 pm in the afternoon provided a suitable connectivity , as it reached Indore at  2 .30 pm , giving the passengers a reasonable time of 30 minutes for changing over to the Express Train. 

I had been using this train connection to travel to New Delhi since years and there never had been any problem , there was never a cause for anxiousness. But that day in Nov 1993 was to be different. I boarded the passenger train , from Mhow , on schedule at 1.45 pm , and as luck would have been , the engine power failed midway , and the train reached Indore only at 4 pm , well after the departure of the Express train I was to board . The road connecting Mhow to Indore , runs nearly parallel to the rail track , and many passengers, anticipating the delay and chances of missing the train from Indore, got down from the passenger train and got onto any available vehicle going to Indore , to reach in time for the Express train. Somehow, my elder brother, who was travelling with me up to Indore, convinced me of not attempting anything adventurous with the reasoning that even if I missed the first train there was an alternative available at 5.15 pm . We waited and finally reached Indore at 4 pm and I managed to board the next train at 5.15 pm. I reached New Delhi at 6 am in the morning quite oblivious of the fact that the train I was originally scheduled to board from Indore at 3 pm had met with an accident enroute and not reached Delhi . It was only when I made a call to my home to confirm my safe arrival at Delhi that I learnt of the train accident. 

It was then that I decided never to rush in life, not to try and run ahead of my destiny. One should give a logical best to everything they try but not to the extent that the risk may lead to a permanent loss, unless there is a question of life and death and the only chance of survival is by taking that risk.

As we move in life, in pursuit of our destiny, we get enough warning signs when we are going wrong ; take note , understand and take corrective measures. There is no harm in even taking a U-Turn when you hit a dead end and start all over again. Destination should not change the route can. 

“Do not give up” does not mean banging the head against a wall. It means logically analysing the actions you are taking to reach the destination, at each stage, and taking corrective measures. It’s better to reach late than to never make it. Staying focused in no ways means fixated ideas . Flexibility in plans is as much a necessity for ensuring success as risk taking ability is. 

“Stay focused on your dream ….

Have flexibility in plans ….

Read the warning signs as they flash….

Take corrective measures as deemed fit….

You will reach the destination ….”