You are born to be a Winner……Stop making excuses…Get going….

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 You are born to be a winner, born to achieve your dreams / desire. No one, other than your own fears, can stop you from reaching your goal. This will become possible only if you stay focused on the goal . 

Invest your time in arming yourself with the experience, knowledge required to facilitate you in realising your dream. You cannot expect to sleep your way to the top. Even if you were born with a silver spoon still you will have to put in sustained efforts to continuously progress and sustain your position. You have to put in extra effort, burn midnight oil to gain that knowledge. 

There will always be people around, may be some of whom you consider your best friends; discouraging you, trying to demotivate you, wanting you to give up your dream. Surprisingly, the biggest culprits are the parents and teachers. The main responsibility of the parents and teachers is to help the child realise his true potential however in most cases they only attempt to put in too much caution in the mind of the child in the bargain making him risk averse . Attempts are made from very early stage of life to guide the child towards particular professions , dreams are being curbed. Your life is your own responsibility . Whatever you will achieve has to be on your own strength. Where you want to reach has to be your call , solely your decision. “Listen to people , friends but make your own decisions. Once you are yourself convinced of your passion it will not be very difficult to convince others,the difficult part is convincing yourself of what you want to achieve and that you are capable of achieving it” . 

Do what you love. But before taking a final call on what you want to pursue , analyse does it make you happy and more than that for how long will it make / keep you happy ? If the ans is “Yes it will make me happy ( no matter what the end result is )” , by all means follow it . Many of us seek short term happiness and lose the plot . There is nothing wrong in seeking short term happiness provided the final goal is not lost sight of. 

Life is not limited to being a doctor , Engineer , Chartered Accountant , a management expert or a Lawyer. It’s your choice to serve a boss or serve humanity at large. You can be a doctor / engineer and the like and still follow your love of music , singing, adventure or whatever you want. 

You cannot blame others or circumstances for your failure to follow or realise your dream. Failures will be there , but they should not stop you. Failures happen to guide you on to the right path. Looking for excuses and giving up is easy , but “Success comes to those who take ownership of their failures , analyse them and infuse fresh energy and mind to overcome the hurdles”. 

Fear of failure will always be there. Whenever you are confronted by fear reason with yourself , why should you? What will happen if you fail ? Will it be the end? Or you have the strength to start all over again and go after your dream? The ans will come from within. Just be logical , give yourself time. No fear is bigger than your dream. These are small obstacles which many before you have crossed and you are not inferior to anyone. “Financial / educational background , caste , colour , creed doesn’t matter in the pursuit of happiness”. 

People who have realised their dreams had nothing special in them. They are also normal human beings like anyone else. The only difference between them and others is the ‘GO’ they had in them . The never say die attitude , not giving up for any reason. “They did not look for excuses , they searched for ans” . 

So Get up , get going , You will reach your destination . It may take time but reach you will.


“No one has slept his way to success …..

Prepare hard , work hard, keep going”


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