Respond or React ……It’s your choice…. 

Respond , not react, to any situation calmly , that is what every Guru (Teacher) tells. We all know the basic difference Reaction and Response. Reaction being more of an impulsive action (theoretically speaking) taken without much thought in a given situation and Response being a more logical , rational / calm action taken in a similar situation. When we all are aware of the … Continue reading Respond or React ……It’s your choice…. 

Discover Yourself ….. You are Awesome….

“The first step in making a dream come true……is to decide what you want……once a decision has been made….put your heart and mind in achieving it…….there will be struggles , obstacles……. stay focused……let not your mind waver …never ever give up…….you will live your dream” Have you realised your true potential? Have you achieved what you could or rather are you even aware of what you … Continue reading Discover Yourself ….. You are Awesome….

Invest in yourself…….

    “Invest in yourself…there are so many things in life we cannot control,so make sure you take care of what you have been freely given….your body ,your health and each other……invest wisely” Every individual, be it an entrepreneur, businessmen or a salaried employee is busy investing effort, time and money in their profession with the singular aim of earning the desired money which in turn, they … Continue reading Invest in yourself…….

Be the First….Be Unique….Doesn’t matter much whether you are the Best or Not….

Be the best is what we are told right from our school days. How long can one continue to be the best forever ? The competition is stiff and maintaining the top spot is not easy and then it’s not a necessity that the one on top is actually the best , there are numerous other factors which may propel one to the top spot. … Continue reading Be the First….Be Unique….Doesn’t matter much whether you are the Best or Not….

“Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”

  We all set goals in life , what we want to achieve, where we want to see ourselves in a given time frame but then why most of us fail to achieve what we started with the aim of achieving. One of the reason for the failures, I found, was that in most cases actually the goals set are not our own, we don’t … Continue reading “Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”

Employee …. Soul of any Organisation….

Performance evaluations and counselling is a constant process in any organisation. The aim is to keep the organisation in good health by improving on the shortcomings, removing the non-performers or transplanting them where they suit better. One of the most important aspects on which depends the future of any organisation but at times not paid the attention it deserves. More than just firing the role … Continue reading Employee …. Soul of any Organisation….

Responsible Parenting …….Happy Children….

It’s very common to hear parents complaining that the kids , specially teenagers hardly like to spend time with them . The boys specially share very little , refuse to open their hearts in front of parents. Even the children have similar complaints about their parents- No Quality time. Who or what is to be blamed for such a situation arising in a family? Well … Continue reading Responsible Parenting …….Happy Children….

Stress …There are ways to Deal…..

Stress will always there you like it or not, what matters is how one deals with it. Students are under stress because of studies and competitions , parents are under stress constantly worrying for future of their kids and then there is the work related stress ever on the increase. Number of lives are being lost because they were not able to handle the stress. … Continue reading Stress …There are ways to Deal…..