Be the driver of your Life…..


“The difference between who you are and what you are going to be is what you do today” 

Life is a beautiful journey , the route full of scenic locales , it’s up to us to live and enjoy or be so busy in our routine and miss out on the beauty. The choice lies with us to be the driver , in control of the steering of the vehicle or be a passenger just going where ever the vehicle takes us. There in lies the difference between the successful and not so successful. 

The majority takes the safer option of being the passenger trusting the skill of the driver to take them through. Trusting someone else with their future. 

Most get nervous with the mere thought of being in charge. We have all experienced nervousness at some point in our life . There can be ‘N’ number of reasons when one felt the heart racing or the palm sweating ; before an exam , attending an interview , before a presentation or even when we are getting late for an appointment or a flight. 

It is this nervousness or lack of confidence which makes or mars the future. Why should one be nervous? If you have prepared well , done good research work , rehearsed well ,  there should not be any reason for nervousness. Invest well in skill development, gaining knowledge and your health . These are the basic ingredients for building self-confidence. At times it is the hangover from the past or fear of failure ( Worrying about what others will say)  which gets on the nerves. If you have done step by step preparation you should not fear the outcome. Even if you do not achieve the desired result, the life does not come to an end. There is another day , more opportunities to excel . Do not give up at any failure , just analyse the reason and move on . May be you did not have the requisite experience for that job, get it. Or may be that job did not deserve you , there is something better waiting. 

Have faith in your abilities , trust your instincts . This will only come if you are honest in your preparation. Do not start looking for help at the smallest of obstacle, find your own solution. Get your own experience, it will build your confidence and come in handy in overcoming bigger hurdles later in life. Take charge of the steering and be the driver of your life. It’s your destination, you will understand the way better and utilise your abilities to your advantages. 

“If you leave the steering of your life in someone else’s hand you will only be sure that the vehicle will start, but how the journey will be and where it will hand will not be in your hand. Take charge of the steering… your life your way…..Be sure”. 

Do not let nervousness come in the way of your success. Be like a child, instead of being nervous , be excited. Only you can change the narrative of your life. 

“Invest in building your confidence… will take you places….certainly to your desired destination”