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“The first step in making a dream come true……is to decide what you want……once a decision has been made….put your heart and mind in achieving it…….there will be struggles , obstacles……. stay focused……let not your mind waver …never ever give up…….you will live your dream”

Have you realised your true potential? Have you achieved what you could or rather are you even aware ofwho am i what you were capable of achieving? Most of us love to work from our comfort zones and are not comfortable with the idea of venturing out ….doing something different….or doing things in a different way. This happens for variety of reasons which may include fear of failure, not wanting to take risks , averse to change  or may be sheer laziness. We have to understand that all of us are unique and have the ability to perform /achieve much more than we think we can. Let us try and analyse the factors which may help one in achieving his / her true potential.

The first step is to understand and accept yourself the way you are ; your capabilities and shortcomings. Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, it will become easier for you to focus and work on them , to exploit your strengths and to improve upon your weaknesses. Be clear in your mind , unless you accept a weakness ,you cannot find a solution for it. A critical self- appraisal , feedback / interaction with colleagues and may be support of an experienced coach ( in case of students ; may be the help of teachers and parents) will help in this area.

Once you have understood your strengths and weaknesses , the next logical step will be to invest in self- improvement. Self- investment is a must in the area of health , building up your knowledge base , honing up your skills and your personal grooming. While talent may be natural, God’s gift, but it is only of any good if supported by good skills. You may be having a good voice but unless you rehearse / practice regularly under a good coach , you may not become an established singer and just remain part of the chorus.

Personal grooming , is one area , which normally gets neglected. Personal behaviour, the way you conduct yourself , the way you walk and talk and look , all matters in your growth , both personal and professional. Combination of well groomed manners, smart looks and a ticking brain under the neat hairstyle is always a winning combination. Presentation matters , but what matters most is a well packaged presentation which is beautifully laid out, has novelty and brimming with logical professional content.

Once you have invested in personal your growth , you will be comfortable working anywhere , anytime and not limit yourself to so called comfort zones. Once this happens , nothing will stop you from achieving your true potential. The aim should be break free from the comfort zones , the earlier you do ,better it will be.

Have a dream and follow it relentlessly, the flame of passion should keep burning till you have realised your goal. Do not be averse to taking risks or stop yourself from doing things differently because of fear of failure. Remember the good old saying “No success is the last and no failure is fatal”. Once you have prepared well, chances of failures are negligible and even if you do not achieve what you intended , there is always a second time. Once you have taken home correct lessons from the first failure , nothing will stop you from achieving your goal the next time , you only got to be persistent and focused.

Maintain a positive attitude and this is only possible if you have prepared well  (invested well in yourself) and have faith in your abilities .You start anything with faith in yourself , ability of your team and your plans chances of failure are negligible but if you start anything with a doubt ,chances of success are remote. Maintain your cool and be calm under all conditions, do not ever let the stress get the better of you.

Be selective in the company you keep. Company matters in what you can achieve. Have a selective team of advisers , friends and colleagues(team members) , who will be there with you in your endeavours. There has to be mutual trust and understanding between all team members. Remember “Success of any team depends on how well each member inspires , motivates and co-operates with each other………….manipulations , complaints and blame are recipes for failures”.

You were born unique , to achieve something different , to be unusual , to do things differently. Prepare well , step out of your comfort zone, take risks , keep your feet moving and mind ticking …success will be yours.  

“Do not try to fit in…….you are different…. you are unique……you were not born to be someone else…you were born to be awesome”.








  1. U r unique…and thus have an USP…identify that and improve that….really motivational.👌

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