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“Invest in yourself…there are so many things in life we cannot control,so make sure you take care of what you have been freely given….your body ,your health and each other……invest wisely”

Every individual, be it an entrepreneur, businessmen or a salaried employee is busy investing effort, time and money in their profession with the singular aim of earning the desired money which in turn, they think, will facilitate them in living the life they dream. Apparently there is nothing wrong in this aim and approach but are they succeeding in it in the real sense. Yes , they maybe able to earn more money but at what cost ? They have less time for family / friends , increased stress levels, new lifestyle diseases and negligible time for self. This in a way is bound to adversely affect their personal and professional growth.

The ans, to offset this vicious cycle, lies in a planned, systematic  investment in personal growth .Learn to invest your time in a balanced manner ensuring time for work , skill development , health , play , breaks , family and friends.

First and foremost is the health which is the most affected because of the lifestyle the young generation is leading, with the aim of achieving more in small time. There is no set routine, the food habits are not good and off course there is no time for a good workout .  Health , if not taken care of, will pose the biggest hurdle on the road to your desired goals. Try and follow a routine wherein there is adequate time for work, family, food and leisure. Do not neglect food and do not over stress yourself. Periodic health check up is a must even if you think you are still young and healthy .

Do not forget taking a break at regular intervals to freshen up your mind and body.  A good break may range from just a two minutes stretch on the chair , tea break or walk in the garden, a great weekend or an outing once a year . Healthy mind and body are two main things which will help definitely help in achieving the desired goals.

Another field which require constant investment is knowledge . If sincere efforts are not made to keep abreast with not just the technological changes, the new work techniques but also the happenings in the environment you are bound to be left behind in the profession. Constantly upgrade your skills and acquire new. Develop habit of reading; time is never an issue, it is the will to read which you have to muster. Knowledge will not just help in tackling the challenges or in efficient guiding of the team but also prepare one to question the set patterns and find better ways of doing things. Knowledge is always respected and so will you be.

Invest in a hobby, if you can. It will help you to counter stress, whatever may be the cause. It will help in improving creativity and thought process. Drawing, painting, singing, cooking …….anything you like just go for it .The returns will be amazing and the only regret you will have is why you started so late.

Good relationship is another area, investment in which will give tremendous returns. Good relationship both at home and office are a must. Better the relations and bigger the circle of people you call us will lead to excellent output. The emotional support you get will see you through any stress situation. Social graces matter in the overall human growth.

Lastly , do not forget to invest in your personal grooming ,the ps & qs ,the way you dress, look , walk and talk .Always look your best, disheveled looks do not impress much. 

“Smart looks , neat hairstyle along with a ticking brain under it and some self discipline is a deadly combination which will rarely miss a target . Even if it misses , it will leave a mark”.

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