“Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”

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We all set goals in life , what we want to achieve, where we want to see ourselves in a given time frame but then why most of us fail to achieve what we started with the aim of achieving.

One of the reason for the failures, I found, was that in most cases actually the goals set are not our own, we don’t actually own them. A child, from early years, is being generally directed by the parents, teachers / elders towards a set goal and the child mentally starts accepting that’s what he wants to achieve or that’s what he wants to be.
His own dream remains buried deep down in his thoughts not allowed to flourish for various reasons.

As the child grows and gets into the professional field he gets exposed to the world and realises that’s not what he was born to do, his heart and mind is somewhere else. But not many have the heart to take that decision or the risk to change over and continues trying to excel in something he / she never actually loved. They try to adjust to the environment they are not comfortable with, and the goal post changes.

Not many parents / teachers encourage the child to take decisions, whereas the main aim of education , formal / informal , should be to empower the child with decision making abilities .By the time he understands decision making , he thinks its too late to take the risk of change and generally compromises. You compromise and the dream will be dead.

It’s not an easy task to realise the purpose of one’s life, what one wants to be. Some may get the enlightenment very early in life while most may take years and there is nothing wrong in it. The day you realise it , start working for it . Have the heart to follow your dream . The inability to follow the heart, the dream , is solely the failure of the individual and no one else can be blamed for it.

The issue of financial safety and security is drilled deep in our brains as we grow up. We are generally risk averse .We are not ready to pay the price attached to realising the dream. The price may be in the form of money , time or extra effort.

A dream like having a ‘Startup” may include the price of losing the security of present job, if you already have one. The risk of failure and losing all money will always be attached to it. Your family may also have to struggle along with you . Are they ready for it or are you ready to make them go through it? The dream may be a non-starter for want of finances or inability to take risks.

A dream of being a good mountaineer, having a good body and the like will require sacrifices of having a strict time and diet regimens . Getting up early and putting in extra hours over and above as required for your daily routine commitments. Specialised training over a long period under expert supervision. Only a truly dedicated person will succeed where the majority are bound to fail or just give up.

Simple dreams of being a singer, musician a dancer will require hard training over a sustained period of time. Many may just back out for reasons of time.

For a dream to be realised the basic requirement is a strong mind and heart. You have to make your decision after a deliberate thought and analysis. Be ready to face the risk not caring about what others may think. Be ready to put in that extra effort or burn the midnight oil as you train hard. Stay focused , not wavering in the face of odds. Chart your own path when no one seems to be giving you company. You will fall not once but many times, have the ability to get up and move on.

A dream should never be solely linked to making money . A dream is more related to being happy, getting satisfaction, than just make money.

“Be ready to pay the price ….To realise a dream”



  1. Slightly in disagreement with the chosen words..’be ready to pay the price’…to me it has a negative connotation…rather whatever I do to achieve my dream is my investment…I would say…be ready to invest to achieve your dreams…😀

  2. That’s right Abhijeet…the right word is investment…..but most of us do not realise that…and think it’s a price to pay and hence refuse the commitment and fail to succeed..

  3. We all should be ready to pay the price to make our dreams come true after we realise our dreams. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide what we want to achieve in our life, but the important thing is realising and working to achieve that dream. Very motivating post. Loved it!!

    1. Yes .
      But without ‘ paying a price’ you won’t reach anywhere..the difference between’ getting’ and achieving’..
      Thank you..
      God bless

  4. I like the way you think. I wish my parents had thought like this and opened my eyes as a child to more ideas. I’m doing things in my 40’s that I wish I’d done in my 20’s. I really want to teach my boys to think like this and take more risks to dream big.

    1. Most of us go through the life in a similar way….start doing things on our own only in late 40 s..
      Thank you..
      God bless

    1. You are right..it’s hard work which leads to success…the price here refers to hardwork and discipline….to give up on things to stay focused..
      God bless..
      Thank you

  5. yes! to obtain things you have to work for them and be ready to make difficult choices along the way…

  6. Absolutely agree with you. When we set out do something new, we have to be ready to feel insecure a little bit and overcome the fear to achieve anything worthwhile!

  7. A dream is more related to being happy – that’s exactly what i feel about my travel blog! Lovely article.

  8. I agree to a certain degree here. but when it comes to dreams, i believe it really need not be attached to money. A person dream can vary with what they want and not necessarily money

  9. Well said…A dream should never be solely linked to making money. A dream is more related to being happy, getting satisfaction than just making money.

  10. Success without challenges is not really success at all. 🙂 One should face defeats to fully enjoy their success.

  11. Very nicely written and expressed. Enjoyed the post thoroughly. I wouldn’t say, you are paying the price. It is the process. It is the journey. I think, one needs to understand what he wants and work towards it and enjoy the journey.

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