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Performance evaluations and counselling is a constant process in any organisation. The aim is to keep the organisation in good health by improving on the shortcomings, removing the non-performers or transplanting them where they suit better. One of the most important aspects on which depends the future of any organisation but at times not paid the attention it deserves. More than just firing the role of Performance Evaluation is for improving. Firing is always an option but not the only option.

Employees are the heart and soul of any organisation and on their health depends the health of the organisation. Everyone wants to hire the best , under the given circumstances, however, it has to be understood that no one can be perfect. An employer should not expect all employees to be as good in the performance as he himself is. No one can be expected to love the organisation as much as the owner. Given the prevalent circumstances in the job market where money / salary matters the most one cannot expect total dedication from an employee . The employee, in most cases, will take a plunge, whenever he gets a seemingly better opportunity, that is higher salary or better work culture. Only exceptions may be the government organisation where the employees generally works from joining till retirement and  enjoys the privilege of non performing and still getting the same salary as the performer and if he is smarter , manage the promotions too. This option is not available to the workers in ever growing private sector.

How does one then retain his people and keep them motivated to give their best always . A very difficult proposition for any business. One must understand that everyone cannot be same in performance. Expecting perfection is a Big No. The requirement is of the employees who give an above average performance constantly at the scale of 7 to 9 out of 10. Varied types of employees are required to sustain an organisation and outperform the competition. Having all ‘Perfect’ employees may be counter-productive because in most cases then not they will find it difficult to co-exist, being constantly under the impression that they know more than the others. Now that will certainly be harmful for the health any organisation.

Aim should not be to hire the best but to get the best out of people hired. How does one achieve this? Very early in my service career I had learnt a very simple principle of employees management from a boss of mine; Every man is good in something, develop the capability to see / understand goodness in people / things and use them for what they are good in. You cannot expect a fish to climb trees. Hire them and employ them for what they are good it. Do not keep trying to ‘Fit’ people where you want. The day a boss understands this, everyone and the organisation will be happy.

Understand the needs of your employees. They will have wants and desires too , but you focus at their needs. The first basic need is of self-respect and empowerment. Give them respect and appreciate the efforts they put in even when they have not been able to achieve the desired target. The shortcomings have to be boldly underlined and driven home but without humiliation or threat. Facilitate employees in

sharpening their skills and acquiring new ones which help them in their personal growth and the growth of organisation.

As a boss / Team leader , do not try to micro manage. Help people grow, by allowing them space for self-expression and encouraging new ideas. Do carry out analysis periodically and help them make corrections / rectifications but do not hover over their head 24 X 7 . Give them space to breathe and think. Remember what General George S Patton said ages back “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity”.

Try and understand the reasons for low performance by an employee. In most cases reasons are other than professional; a break up , an ailing family member and the like. Not withstanding the reason , the boss should be there to guide  , counsel or support them as the need be. More than firing , an understanding attitude of the bosses help in the growth of the organisation and helps in bringing out the best from the employees.

Ensure a good working environment. Do not keep breathing down the neck of the employees setting unrealistic targets which may only burn down the employees and finally the organisation / business. Do not keep changing the goal post / aim . If it has been realistically set then a change will be seldom required.

Take care of the physical, physiological and emotional needs of your people and they will give the best. A good work culture is a great motivator and the best facilitator for employee retention.

Employees are the heart and soul of any organisation, take care of them and they will take care of the business growth. 

“As a boss your aim should be to build a happy team where all members are always willing to facilitate each other’s growth thus leading to the overall growth of the organisation”.


  1. Limits of HR are indefinite..their potential has never been tested and it truly has infinite potential…truly summerised…the leader has the responsibility of building the team…
    Nicely articulated

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