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walk the ramp

The other day I had an opportunity of witnessing a fashion show . I am not very fond of such shows but an exception was made this time around on persistence of my wife and daughter.

Many young girls ( Models ) walked the ramp attired in outfits of two famous Indian designers . Well , the dresses did not impress me much but I will be truthful in accepting that the young ladies caught my attention and not just because they were beautiful ( I am a firm believer that any girl born in our great country is born beautiful and beauty is not skin deep ) but what impressed me most was the attitude of the models walking the ramp. The glare of lights , cameras and hundreds of eyes glued on their faces ( some on dresses too ) the ladies walked the ramp as if nothing existed . It was just between them and the ramp , the people ,and lights were non existent. Looking straight , carrying a lovely expression they walked across confidently not showing even an iota of nervousness. The fear of a rare dress malfunction or tripping over the sarees ( Indian dress) or the lovely long skirts ( Lehangas) not showing at all , but I am sure it must be playing on their mind as they walked. They were hardly getting just about a minute to change from one attire to another. They were so focused on the given task ( or may be to an extent on the camera ) and nothing else mattered . I would say it was a perfect display of a “Tunnel Vision” . Nothing / no one else existed, just the ramp , cameras and they. One understands the amount of hard work, preparations, rehearsals which would have gone into putting up the fashion show together. The young ladies specially must be going through a grilling regimen to qualify to walk on the ramp specially for big brands. They all walked tall that evening and am sure will walk tall in their life.

That’s what life is all about ; a dream, detailed preparations, focus , hard work , persistence and perseverance. It’s just like walking the ramp.There will be hundreds of distractions , competitors trying to way lay you and the fear of tripping over /  failure of the idea but you have to remain focused on your aim. Have the ability to get up if you fall or attempt again if you fail. No failure is final, till you actually give up. May be a ‘tunnel vision’ is a requirement to reach the end of the tunnel. Do not let the flame of passion get extinguished for any reason. What goes inside the mind should seldom be reflected on the face. Your team should always see a confident leader standing in front of them, who they are sure will lead them through hell.

“Be a model …a ‘Role Model’ for your team….Walk the Ramp with them …..lead them through the ups and down till the light at the end of the tunnel is reached….”

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