No Setback is permanent …..

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All of us have dreams , all of us fall in love and all of us face setbacks / failures at some point of time in our life .

It is very common to find two students / co – workers falling madly in love at first sight . They appear to be totally inseparable till one day you find one of them gloomy , sulking in a corner , missing classes / neglecting work because the other has walked out of the relationship . Reason for break up can be any but it certainly leads to heart breaks , a period of feeling low follows in which nothing appeals or looks good.

The one who walks out continues to live a normal life, maybe finds new love or a new passion ( human , material or career).But the one who feels let down , dumped or may be rejected normally gets into a shell , refuses to be part of the routine( for at least a reasonable period of time ). This just not adversely affects life in general but takes toll on the health and most of all affects the performance in the academics or work .

The longer you continue to sulk the more unfair you are being to yourself. Your low mood doesn’t matter to the other person ( if it mattered he wouldn’t have done what he did) . Rather it doesn’t matter to anyone on this earth other than to you or your near and dear ones. You are ruining your life . Can you ruin your life for a person who doesn’t even care? No you can’t , heaven has not come crashing down , get up , collect yourself and get going again.

This is that time of life when good friends , hobbies and a resilient attitude comes in most handy. Yes, a break up / rejection will affect your mental condition but keep the period to minimal. It’s not difficult, that person did not deserve you , better things / better company awaits you . But you will only find it if you come out of your shell and cut down the period of self pity. Spend time with good friends who will alleviate your mood and support you in this hard time.

This is where a hobby is most helpful. Whatever hobby you have , a creative one like writing , painting , music , cooking whatever , indulge in it .You will find yourself getting out of the lows in no time. Do not run away from the situation , face it , overcome it. Get back to your books or work . Do what you love. You were not born to start sulking and get into dumps at the first setback . You may face many such setbacks / rejections in life . Take them in your stride , analyse what probably went wrong and do not commit the same mistake again.

No setback is permanent , persevere , be resilient and you will overcome it…..

Building Resilience to face adversity….


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