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All of us get so tied up with habits and routine in life , that any change is always generally resisted. We have grown up doing things in a particular way that even a thought of doing it differently evokes a negative response from the brain. We have our comfort zones within which we usually want to live. It’s not just about doing a thing in a particular way but we get used to timings as also wanting to see things in a particular place and any change in that immediately sets in a negative motion.

Routine is in fact good, in a way, that it brings in discipline in life and if followed religiously ensures things are done at the given time in the prescribed way. Following a set routine creates less stress and gives us a feeling of safety . But is it good for growth…..personal and professional?

Boredom is likely to set in if we go on following a particular routine over and over again. If we do not think beyond routine and break away from our comfort  zones, it will be difficult to achieve anything extraordinaire. Here I would like to give the example of my daughter , a class 7th student than. One fine on her return from school , she announced that she was participating in the school athletics championship, for which she was required to go for practice every morning to school at 6 am. We as parents were not in favour of it but knowing our daughter very well , it was so difficult to get her out of bed daily even at 6.30 am to make her reach the school at 7.15 am just in time for morning assembly, we were sure she will give up after initial days of practice.

But we were proven wrong and the child went for practice every single day for next two months and went on to become the best athlete of the school. She could do it as she had decided to break her routine and step out of her comfort zone ( in fact her bed at 5 am every morning) which would have certainly increased her stress levels also. So the success can b attributed to breaking the routine, increasing the stress level ( up to an acceptable level) and , off course dedicated practice, health condition and motivation .Similarly ,to achieve success in any field including increase in production a risk ahs to be taken to break the routine and increase the stress level.

Breaking the routine doesn’t mean doing something extra ordinary on the first day itself. One should keep attempting different things and different ways of doing things at small level to break the routine , may not be every day , but whenever opportunity comes. Development / nurturing of good creative hobbies also help in breaking the routine. Drawing , singing , painting , playing an instrument all help in keeping the mind active and fresh. Taking a break ,going on vacations also provide a break from routine but may not involve taking risks and certainly no increase in stress level. However, they provide a break from the monotonous routine and re-energise you to get back into routine once again with renewed energy.

We have to understand that how so ever we may try , life will not run as a routine. There will always be situation forcing us out of our routine. Deviations we take at regular intervals prepare us to face these situations , how so ever stressful they may be , with relative ease.

Stepping out of the comfort zone at regular intervals thus helps in following ways :-

–       To achieve something new or beyond routine.

–       Get our mind and body used to dealing with increased stress.

–       Help us in keeping the mind and body energised and creative.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did do,

So throw away he bowlines, sale away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sail,

Explore , dream ,discover”


  1. Very interesting post because I like routine but I also like to try new things and explore, so it has been a balancing act especially since having kids.

  2. Your post is always inspirational. When life becomes a monotony, it’s hard to get up in the morning and find motivation. 🙂

  3. It’s very interesting that you will mention routine, but it can be boring at times but well needed in some instances in your life.

  4. Very motivating post. I truly loved it. Most of the times I try to follow the routine but sometimes I guess it’s worth to break the routine. Thanks for sharing..!!

  5. Honestly! And what upsets me is when others try to push their routine on you, as if you want the same boring habitual lifestyle as thiers. thanks for sharing

  6. I have breaking routine and creating something new these past two weeks with the help of an app called Fabulous. I hope it will help me to create something new!

  7. Interesting read! I had always thought that routine is important in life. But doing something out of your comfort zone is even more challenging. These little challenges can help us in long run.

    1. You are right Charu..routine in day to day life is good..a bit if discipline does good..but in the long run we got to break out if routine..take a leap away from normal..
      Thank you..
      God bless you

  8. Inspiring, when we moved beyond our fear, we feel free and find our true selves. Must look forward for more and new things, at the same time looking forward is really exciting.

  9. True, life is beyond routine but for some reason, I still am not heading that direction. I still go by my daily routine and I must say that’s how I roll. Thanks for such a great and inspirational post.

  10. I would love to have myself to work on a routine but having kids who are growing at a fast pace, I have to constantly step out that comfort zone and readjust myself to keep pace with them

  11. it’s all about balance! it’s so important to be balanced because “routine” generally means you have some amount of responsibility and purpose comes from responsibility. On the flip side however, you can get sucked into the mundane and get bored if you do not go out for new experiences, explore new places, new scenery. You need both!

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