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Awesome must be one of the most ‘used’ word on the social network sites(SNS), specially by the young generation . Most prefer to spell it ion their own special way – Ossum , Awsum , Osm.( One of the best compliment one can expect on a post on a SNS is the word Awesome ). Unique must the next most used word to express compliments. It’s not the post but the person uploading it who actually deserves the compliment.

The most awesome and unique creation of God is actually the human being and no one and nothing else deserves to be called so. Every men / women is unique in his / her own way , having different traits, looks , abilities and whatever else one can think of . In short no two humans are born same. It is this uniqueness which actually makes every human awesome. But unfortunately majority of people refuse to accept this beautiful truth, perpetually underestimating their own capabilities.

Every child is born special, however this uniqueness gets suppressed within as one grows( Sort of a negative growth actually ). The fault lies with the Elders , Parents and teachers who knowingly / unknowingly make a constant endeavour to channelise the mind of the child to a particular way of life. Most of the elders want the child to be their own copy and follow their footsteps or at the most be a replica of someone , the elders think had achieved greatness. They forget that the path to greatness is laid by the ability and will to question the old. While learning history , culture and values may be good for the child but he should not be tutored to follow the books and traditions blindly. The main aim of education should be to encourage the child to questions . It’s questioning alone which will facilitate growth and help bring in positive change in society and the life style. New inventions, discoveries take place only because someone refused to accept the status quo. Individuals achieve greatness because they realised their uniqueness , polished it and achieved what they wanted to.

The majority of the children of varied age groups I have interacted with failed to identify any quality in them which made them special. A simple question – what makes you special ? went unanswered. It’s more disheartening to know that majority of children in 10th and 12th class were not aware of their uniqueness , their passion. They were not very sure of why they had opted to follow a particular stream of education ( Medical . non-medical , humanities or commerce ) . Most had selected the subjects based on advice of their parents / teachers or peer pressure . Majority of the students end up acquiring / mastering skills which they never loved. Their own passion lies buried deep in the heart , taking a back seat. Such a child , in all probability will not achieve what he / she was capable of . Inspite of the skills acquired they may still grow with a sense of regret of not having followed their passion . Some of them are bold enough to make mid course corrections and change their professions in line with their passion.

Our education and evaluation system is such that passions get subdued in the rat race of passing exams after exams. It’s well understood that exams matter and history , geography , science, maths and commerce matter as well but what matters most is the passion , the flame burning in the heart of the child. This is the flame which will take him to his destination. No one has the right to put a curfew on the flame and sieze initiative from the child.

The right to select his / her future goal lies only with the child as he/ she is affected by it the most . The teachers , parents , elders and the entire education system should act as a facilitator and help the child in identifying his / her passion and following it. The child who follows and lives his / her passion will remain unique and happy in life . Every child is born unique and awesome, let him live that way.

The parents try to be over protective about their children and want them to be secure. They want to do for the kids what ever they can to ensure a secure life for them but in that bargain end up making them weak . Such kids normally are unable to take risks and break down easily when support is not there .They are not able to make decisions when it matters most. Over insurance doesn’t help the kids ion the long run , it makes them weak. Parents and teachers should act as guides and coach the child and not tutor him on everything. They should encourage him to make his own decisions.

Elders , generally the parents and teachers do not encourage the child to ask questions. It’s questioning which helps the child to understand things better , in right perspective. In our society , children in their growing years are expected to accept whatever is told to them by the elders , as the ultimate truth . Child is not allowed to dissent which is a very natural phenomenon when the mind doesn’t accept , at face value , what is seen or is being told. This is the main reason for most of our students lacking imagination and their being poor decision makers. Majority looks towards elders or others to make decisions for them. Nothing can be worse than this for the growth of mind. Earlier a child learns to disagree , to express dissent and to take decisions better it is for the growth .

Elders spoon feed the child , coming to his assistance the moment he is encountered by smallest of problem . A person who cannot handle pressure on his own can never succeed ion life. He will break down at the first obstacle. Freedom to make decisions empower the child with the ability to handle pressures. Ability to handle pressure will help him face any failure and overcome it.

We become what we become because of the choices we make in our life . Do not leave the power to make this choice in someone else’s hand. Listen to all but make your own decisions. Unfortunately most of people try to become what they think their parents or elders think they should become. This trend has to change and change fast.The student should be encouraged to realise his passion , his potential and acquire the skills which help in fueling and fulfilling the passion. The child will be happy and learn willingly. A happy and fulfilled person will be in a better position to give to the society than someone who has mastered skills that he never loved / liked.


  1. When we were little, we were told to become doctors, lawyers or teachers. What we wanted to do, was not am option. In my journey, i taught my children to do what makes them happy, what feeds their soul, to ensure that their souls are fed and work is not a chore. To listen to advice but to do as they desire.

    1. That’s the way to go Kavitha…but unfortunately we have a long way to cover as a society…changes are coming in slowly..
      Thank you for sharing your valuable experience..

  2. A very thought provoking yet very practical solution for parents and elders. Ironically the nature has found its own course of action wherein the Millennia Generation has come with built-in defence mechanism against advices and coaching of Parents and teachers. They seem to have thier own independent thinking mind and that’s a good sign. Hopefully!!!!

    1. They do have independent mind Lalit but they get tied down by finances and emotional blackmail by parents most of the time..
      Thank you..
      Have a great day..

  3. This is what should happen in an ideal world, however, truth is very diff. As you have pointed out that most of the children themselves are unaware of their passion. The education sys and the society make them a participant in the rat race right from the beginning. In our country most of the kids don’t have the luxury to keep trying their luck in diff fields but have to first ensure security of a job and that too well paying..the consumerism and media has fuelled their ambitions and hence desire to be rich too soon…parents have their own worries to see their wards well settled as in our society parents remain responsible for their progeny till too long….although the idea looks good in movies.. frankly speaking, if you ask me what is my passion…I dont know. I have enjoyed my army life that I joined due to partly being from Sainik School and moreso as NDA was the first opportunity for a 1st class job at an early age….thereafter, worked on the principle of giving your Best to the task at hand and that mantra has served well..

    1. Thank you Raj..
      Times have changed since me and you took up jobs… opportunities were limited and exposure restricted….today opportunities galore in every field..
      The parents got to shift focus from the so called ” job security’ to well being…
      No job assures a good life…what one requires to live happily is a ticking brain…moving feet and reasonable amount of money…to earn money one certainly doesn’t require a job…not a government job for sure…money can be earned anyways…if ones has the will…
      Shift focus from job security to financial security….no job guarantees financial security…

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